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Teen wants justice after penis sliced by ex-girlfriend’s mom

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FRANKLIN, IN - A man whose penis was sliced by a woman with a box-cutter feels his attacker's sentence wasn't severe enough. 19-year-old Christopher Dail was held captive, beaten and cut during a three hour ordeal last year in Franklin.  His great offense may have been dating Bonita Vela's daughter.

Dail  says he smoked some marijuana that he thinks was laced with heroin.  He woke up and was summoned to a neighbor’s trailer.  That is where his ex-girlfriend’s mother and another couple waited.  He tells FOX 59 News, "“Benita says ‘Sit down on the bed,’ so I figure we’re talking about something important, and then she locked the door and then my suspicions got raised and she started yelling at me, and all of a sudden, Benita just smacks me as hard as she can across the face."

“She’s like, ‘Are you trying to make my daughter look like a whore? You’re trying to make her look like a skank. I can’t believe you’re doing this. You’re gonna mess up her life.’

The interrogation lasted for hours.  Dail said he thought he was going to die.  That is when he says Vela told him to drop his pants.  The 36-year-old then cut his penis with a box cutter.

Bonita Vela pleaded guilty to criminal confinement and received ten months of home detention and was told to undergo anger management control training.
Dail said Vela was angry that he was dating her daughter.

The Johnson County prosecutor told FOX 59 news that Dail could still file charges against a man who was present by Vela's side during the attack.

Read the entire account of the three hour ordeal here.

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