Amy Fite talks grand jury decision

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(KTVI)- This is one of 24 volumes presented to the grand jury that did not indict Officer Darren Wilson. In it, Wilson testifies he went for his gun after Michael Brown Jr. punched him twice in the face while he sat in his cruiser.

Wilson says he warned Brown, "Get back or I'm going to shoot you." Wilson said, Brown grabbed at his gun saying you're too much of a (explitive) to shoot me.

The gun fired twice in the car. Brown ran and Wilson followed telling him twice to get on the ground. Brown then turned around and began coming at Wilson with his left hand clenched at his side and his right hand under his shirt at his waistband.

Wilson fired a series of shots hitting brown who was 8 to ten feet away.

Christian County, Missouri prosecuting attorney Amy Fite explains.

Fite spent more than eight years in the St. Louis city Circuit Attorney's office.


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