Michael Brown’s mother’s tears turn crowd from agony to action

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FERGUSON, MO – Micheal Brown’s mother gave an emotional plea to a crowd during Monday night’s protests.  Leslie McSpadden’s tears transformed the mood of the crowd from agony to action.

The grand jury did not charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death of her son.  The world learned the news last night.  Violent protests broke out soon afterwards.

“I have been living here my whole life, I have never had to go through anything like this. None of you know me, but I don’t do nothin’ to nobody.  Anybody say so, they’re a liar. They’re a damn liar.”

She then pauses.  A person hugs her and McSpadden puts her hands to her face in anguish and cries out loud.

A man in the crowd shouts, “That was someone’s child.”

Another man yells, “Lets burn this b#@$! down.”

The crowd then erupts in cheers.

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