New light shed on witness testimony in Michael Brown shooting

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(KTVI) – There was new light on the differences and perhaps surprising similarities emerging from the more than 4500 pages of grand jury testimony from witnesses in the Mike Brown shooting case.

The meat of questions center on what really happened after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson got out of his police SUV, pursued, shot, and killed Brown, 18.

Brown did not have a weapon.

The photos of Darren Wilson and supporting medical documents in the Grand Jury documents show the wounds he suffered at the hands of Mike Brown were not serious.

But there was a broad consensus among nearly all witnesses that Brown scuffled with Wilson through the window of the SUV.

Still, Wilson told the grand jury, "…I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan…"

Accounts diverge after Wilson got of that SUV.

Wilson said, "…it looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots…I tell him to get on the ground, get on the ground, he still keeps coming at me…I know if he reaches me, he'll kill me…(his one hand) is in his waistband under his shirt…"

A few Canfield residents admitted Mike Brown did not have his hands up in a surrender position; his hands were extended outward at head or shoulder level.

Most witnesses denied Wilson's assertion that Brown was charging the officer when Wilson fired the final and fatal shots.

“… (he was) looking at his body to try to see where he was shot…no, no, his arms never went down to reach for his belt…he started to stagger forward, the officer was moving back, and the officer told him to stop, stop, stop…Michael was still trying to stay on his feet…he couldn't hardly stand up," one said.

Another resident said it was Wilson walking toward Brown, as Brown held his ground.

"…as the bullets was hitting him, you saw like a little smoke coming from his chest… (Wilson) was steady moving … towards Mike Brown," the witness said.

A visitor to Canfield said Brown was moving toward Wilson, but not charging him.  "(Wilson) just kept shooting.  And I asked my husband … 'why won't that boy stop?'

Still, a witness in a car told the grand jurors:  "I thought he was trying to charge him at first because the only thing I kept saying was, 'is he crazy? Why don't he just stop instead of running…'"

And that witness who said Brown never reached to waist-band admitted:  "maybe he thought that Michael was coming at him as big as he is, he could still do some harm to him … that's why he felt like he had to use deadly force."

The documents revealed there were witnesses who flat-out changed their stories about Mike Brown having his hands up in a position of surrender; one witness who told police she saw Brown's hands up admitted to the grand jury she lied to police and never even saw the shooting.

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