Closings: Schools, churches, day-cares and businesses

Protesters and community leaders using safe spaces in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – While the unrest in Ferguson continues both protesters and community leaders are stopping at churches and other safe places to escape the chaos on the streets find some degree of peace. Right now there are at least 10 safe places for those who are out making their voices heard. Hosts say it`s a haven for peace and understanding. On Tuesday night, organizers at greater St. Marks Family Church in Ferguson hosted a meeting to help ease tensions.

Pastor Jacquelyn Foster from Compton Heights Christian Church says more than 100 people stopped by her church and others went to Mokabe`s Coffee Shop in St. Louis city after shutting down highway 44 Monday night.  Protesters were looking for food warmth, supplies and a calm place to rest. As the healing process moves forward so will the goal to hopefully keep the peace.