Former Ferguson mayor calls for Nixon to resign following violence, vandalism overnight

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI)- This morning  FOX 2 News has live team coverage of the violence and vandalism that is still going on following the grand jury announcement.

Former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher, who is also over the  is calling on Governor Nixon to resign saying he should have sent more National Guard into Ferguson to protect city. He estimates that more than two dozen businesses along West Florissant and in Dellwood were either destroyed or badly damaged by fire.

Fletcher was devastated and disappointed by the response.

"It's amazing how unprepared the governor was not having the National Guard at a moments notice as he said he would. Three months to prepare for this. He said himself, we're preparing for the worst. Well the worst came and they weren't prepared," said Fletcher.

"He failed the City of Ferguson and he failed the state of Missouri and he should resign."

More than 60 arrests were made. All but two of those arrested are from the St. Louis metro area.

A news conference was held early Tuesday morning at the command center from law enforcement was very revealing when it came to the violence and destruction. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said he did not foresee an evening like this. Captain Ron Johnson, with the Missouri Highway Patrol added that he never could have imagined this.

The violence  started not long after the announcement was made that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted.

Protesters took to the streets trying to tip over a county police car. Police say the demonstrators started throwing bricks, batteries and other objects at officers.

Police responded with tear gas just feet away from the Ferguson Police Department.

Then the fires started along with other violence. Two St. Louis County police cars were burned.

At least 12 businesses along West Florissant Avenue were set on fire. The fires stretched along West Florissant all the way to I-270.

In some cases, firefighters weren`t even able to fight the blazes because it was too dangerous for crews to respond.

The ferguson fire chief said that his crews were shot at, had bricks thrown at them and had people actually climbing on their trucks.

Belmar said it would have taken 10,000 police officers to go up against the people intent on destroying our community.

More than 60 arrests were made. All but two of those arrested are from the St. Louis metro area.


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