Facebook death threats against Officer Darren Wilson lead to arrest

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KIRKLAND, WA – A Washington man has been arrested for threatening to kill Ferguson Missouri Police officer Darren Wilson. Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar, 46, posted threats to Facebook shortly after the August shooting of Michael Brown. The threats escalated in late November.

Investigators write in a complaint
, “Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar knowingly and willfully transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce, from the State of Washington to another state, a communication, that is, a public Facebook posting, that contained a threat to injure D.W., specifically, a posting containing D.W.’s name and photograph and the message, “Ready to kill some cops.”

Abdul-Jabbaar could face up to five years in prison if convicted of the Facebook threat. Fox 13 reports that Abdul-Jabbaar also allegedly threatened other officers and even attempted to use Facebook to buy a gun.