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One dead and two wounded in Page Blvd shooting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The number of homicides so far this year is now 141 after what happened in the 4500 block of Page in North City.

Just before 5pm three men in a car riding westbound on Page was fired upon by occupants of another vehicle. The gunfire caused the victim's car to crash.

All three men in the car were wounded. A 34 year old man was dead at the scene. Two other men who were in their 40s were taken to the hospital. One was grazed by a bullet. The other shot twice in the side. At last report both were in stable condition.

Last year 120 were victims of murder in the city. We are now 21 killings above that with 27 days to go in the year.

Residents are fed up with all the violence.

"People are just getting in the habit of venting their frustration easy as possible such as at the point of gun just like the incident at the pooh bar the other night." said Neighbor Dave Johnson.

In that incident 8 people were shot one died later. There are no suspects in this homicide. Police have complained that it is difficult to solve crimes if the public, if witnesses don't speak up.