Cute video: Little girl puts Disney villain in his place

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ORLANDO, FL  — The bad guy in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is best known for being a male chauvinist.  Now, 23 years after the movie came out, Gaston is finally being put in his place by a little girl named Isabella.

The moment was captured at Walt Disney World in Florida.  The character from the movie heckles guests by his tavern in Fantasyland.  The kid is not intimidated by big man.  While getting her picture taken with Gaston she says, “The Beast is going to beat you!  The Beast just turned into a prince and he is stronger than you.”

Gaston responds, “This girl is spreading lies.  Do not listen to this enchantress.”

Isabella snipes back, “The beast will fight you.”

“We already know who will win that fight.” says Gaston.

The two verbally spar until Gaston finally admits he has been “disgraced” and “publicly humiliated,” but continues to insist that he will marry Belle, just as he does in the film.

The video was posted to YouTube with Isabella’s permission. Gaston, we assume, would probably have preferred to keep his shaming a secret.

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