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Woman wakes up to find mystery baby in bed

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Police play with the baby before reuniting him with his mother

BATTLE CREEK, MI — A Michigan woman woke up to find an infant in her bed. She did not know where the baby came from or who it belonged to.

WXMI-TV reports that the baby was turned over to police. They issued a press release in hopes to find the child’s family. Minutes later the baby was identified and reunited with his mother.

The baby was dropped off by the woman’s son before he went out for the night, according to Battle Creek police. He did not tell his sleeping mother what he was doing. This led to a lot of confusion when the woman woke up.

Making the situation even more absurd, the baby is not related to the man who dropped him off. Child Protective Services is in the process of investigating the incident.

The baby was an instant hit with police officers. Before being reunited with his mother officers gave the child matchbox cars, teddy bears and beanie babies. According the the TV station’s report police officers even changed the baby’s diaper.

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