Cullerton wants 2016 comptroller special election

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CHICAGO (AP) _ Senate President John Cullerton says there should be an “immediate” lawmaker special session to make plans for a 2016 election to replace late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka.

Topinka’s death last week created a rare situation for outgoing Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued legal analysis Monday saying Quinn should appoint someone until Jan. 12, when current terms end and newly-elected officials aresworn in. Once Rauner is in office, he should appoint someone. But Madigan says it’s an elected office and urged lawmakers to consider a special election.

House Speaker Michael Madigan’s spokesman says Rauner and Quinn should work together on succession plans.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin says the Constitution makes it clear Rauner will appoint a full term comptroller in 2015.