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Paul’s Market inspires others to help rebuild Ferguson

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FERGUSON ( KTVI ) - The recent events in Ferguson struck a chord close to many Ferguson  residents and businesses there,  but the owner of Paul's Market says  he will not give up on the community.  The market's owner is calling on others to help rebuild.

Paul's Market has been in Ferguson for 54 years .  In fact,  owner Gary Crump,  has been working there since he was nine years old. " I'm personally, financially, emotionally and spiritually invested to this area.  This has been my life and my life's work , "said Crump.

Crump  wants to lead by example  and he's calling on local contractors and suppliers to help local business in Ferguson rebuild . "I could just say no,   I could  leave  and  go like that and keep on and milking the thing . Then leave the area . No flight here ," says  Crump.

Paul's Market is planning   to  invest thousands of dollars back into  the business next year.   Crump says he hopes to change the current image of Ferguson.

Paul's Market will renovate  the  Market  and replace the  37- year old  meat display case. It will cost about $50 ,000 just to replace the case alone,  however Crump  says it well worth the investment .

Faithful  customers say  Paul's Market is a staple in community and   they  hope the owner will continue to breathe new life into  the city of Ferguson  . "This is home to everyone .I think   we all come here , visit and  they make you feel at home. I hope this stays forever . We love   Paul's Market, said Shery  Powers.

Customer Virgina Wilson says " The Market  shows that they believe the healing process and everyone  we will survive and get through this."  Gary Crump  says he hopes other businesses in Ferguson will follow in his footsteps and help the city continue to heal and move forward.

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