Sister to give brother kidney for Christmas

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – After seven years of waiting, a sister is finally getting the chance to help her ailing brother by giving him a special gift.

One summer night Reshonn Saul suddenly woke up.

(Reshonn Saul, Donating Kidney to Brother) Something’s going on and it was god speaking to me. I text him and I was like ‘hey guess what? I’m going to give you my kidney.’

(Dramar Saul, Needs Kidney) It was on my birthday, it was midnight when i received a text. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind it wasn’t a match.

Her big brother Dramar Saul began having health problems 12 years ago at only 25. High blood pressure slowly stole his kidney function. Reshonn wanted to donate in 2007 but she had just had a baby, so their uncle gave his kidney. But 8 months later his body rejected it, so Dramar has been on fatiguing dialysis for years.

(Dramar Saul, Needs Kidney) “Simple things like helping my wife clean do things around the house it was very tough.”

These two only siblings are accomplished Dramar with a master’s degree, an engineer at NASA. Reshonn hoping to finish her masters helping needy families in St. James parish. But their parents accomplished something more, children who are devoted to each other. Only joking about rivalry.

(Reshonn Saul, Donating Kidney to Brother) He made me mad sometimes but he can’t anymore because he’ll have a part of me.

Neighbors in her small St. John town admire her.

(Reshonn Saul, Donating Kidney to Brother) I get hugged in Winn Dixie from people I’ve never met before. Yesterday somebody was blowing at me on the bridge saying I’m praying for you.

Dramar admires her character too.

(Dramar Saul, Needs Kidney) She doesn’t brag about it she’s very humble.

Once reshonn’s son was upset about his uncle.

(Reshonn Saul, Donating Kidney to Brother) He came home with all types of questions he was like ‘well why Jesus can’t fix him?’

Now she can answer her child that this is what Christmas giving is all about.

Meg Farris Eyewitness News Medical Watch.

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