St. Louisans out and about before Wednesday’s winter weather

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The threat of a winter storm Christmas Eve had people rushing to beat the weather as much as the holidays in St. Louis, Tuesday night.

Roads were dry.  The only slick conditions FOX 2 found were at Steinberg Rink in Forest Park.

Traffic was heavy there and at most shopping centers around the area.

Jerry and Mary Patton probably would not have brought the family to Steinberg from West County for a skate had the snow already started falling.  The mild weather in advance of the winter storm made them think "Steinberg."

"Steingberg it is.  Here we are exactly," laughed Jerry.

The way MODOT planners were talking about Christmas Eve weather; last-minute shoppers also seemed to feel it was better to get out Tuesday night than to chance it the next morning.

"There could be some pockets of some moderate snow in there," said Becky Allmeroth of MODOT. "Kind of a watch, wait, and see – preparing for the worst…we're not really worried about the pavement temperatures and those dropping.  When we do get those pockets of moderate snow, we are concerned that it will slush on the roadway.  So, it's probably going to be an event where the trucks are out and we have plows down."

"West County Mall, whoo!  That was a lot of folks out there," said shopper, Lynette Addison.   "Not that crazy, but tomorrow, I bet you: lots of people.  I can imagine tomorrow's going to be hectic."

"It felt nice and warm this evening.  So that's what got us out," said Michelle Icaza of Clayton, buying gifts and supplies with her family for their Christmas beach vacation in Nicaragua.

"[Snow] would not have been fun because they would have been getting into the snow doing snowball fights and throwing them at me," she laughed.

Nearly everything was a "go" at Lambert Airport, Tuesday night; very few delays or cancellations.

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