Missouri report: Tolls could pay for I-70 repairs

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ A report from the Missouri Department of Transportation says tolls could pay for much-needed repairs to Interstate 70.

The report released Wednesday says the state doesn’t have the money needed to widen and fix the interstate. The project would cost at least $2 billion.

Earlier this month, Gov. Jay Nixon revived the possibility of using tolls to makeover the heavily traveled road.

Voters in August defeated a proposed three-quarter-cent sales tax that would have helped finance repairs.

The transportation department report estimated that drivers would need to pay $20-30 for a trip across the state to fully fund $2 billion in repairs. Truck drivers would pay $40-90.

The report also raises the possibility of a public-private partnership to fix the roadway, which also likely would include tolls.