Party with Laclede Cab or ride with Creve Coeur Police

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(KTVI)- Laclede Cab is offering its services for New Year's Eve night. Those who try to drive while under the influence can earn a tour of the Creve Coeur Police DUI Enforcement Van.

Creve Coeur Police have a mobile lab where drunk-driving suspects can find breath tests and a lot of tough questions. A less time-consuming alternative is Laclede Cab. Some may think a cab ride is unaffordable. But, a DUI can cost thousands. It can also cost you your life or your independence if you get in a crash.

You can text (314) 403-7000 for a ride. Matt Beumer of Laclede Cab says the phone lines might be jammed tonight. So, download the app at

If you need a reminder on how to keep your night both safe and fun, follow these suggestions from Lt. Tim Koncki of the Creve Coeur Police

Don't drink and drive

Plan your transportation.  Have a designated driver.  Someone who has committed themselves not to drink.  If not a DD, then call a friend, family member, call a cab, stay where you are, or book a hotel.

A designated driver is someone who drinks NO alcohol.

DWI`s are embarrassing, expensive, go on your criminal record, you can lose your license, can impact your current job, can impact your future job potential.  Even worst someone could get seriously hurt or killed.

Be a good friend.  Let friends know it is not OK to drive impaired.  If they try to drive impaired, do everything you can to stop them.

If you are hosting a party, be sure to serve non-alcoholic drink options.

Creve Coeur police and other agencies in the area will be cracking down on impaired driving.

We encourage travelers to call police if they suspect someone is driving drunk.

Always wear your safety belt.