Friends and neighbors searching for fire victims’ prized Dalmatians

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FESTUS, MO (KTVI) – "As you can see it's very cold out and there's a lot of wilderness, and as that guy just said there's a lot of wildlife too," says Toni Linstedt, of the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis.  "So I'm hoping someone nice has the dogs."

She's hoping someone will return two missing Dalmatians. A recent fire destroyed a Festus, MO home and sent the owners to Mercy hospital where they're still listed in critical care. During the December 29th fire,  the two show dogs went missing.

"Ruby is ten years old and the other girl, Cammie, is two years old," says Linstedt.  "Cammie happens to be Ruby's granddaughter and we're just really worried about them."

Monday, Toni Linstedt spent the day driving a 25 mile radius to hand out flyers for the missing pets.

"They are Dalmatians but they have brown spots," explained Linstedt.  "They're liver spotted."

As a member of the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis, she can see clearly why a spotted dog speaks to so many.

"But they're real loyal and they're smart. They're really smart despite what some people think.  You just have to be smarter than they are."

If you spot the missing dogs, you're urged to call the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis,