Facebook video of “Michael Brown” debunked

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ST. LOUIS – Following his August 2014 death at the hands of a Ferguson police officer, attempts have been made to smear Michael Brown’s reputation on social media.

In the weeks after Brown’s death, a police officer in Kansas City claimed a picture of a young black man armed with a gun and cash in his mouth was Michael Brown. That was not the case.

Now, a video purporting to show a young Michael Brown assaulting an older gentleman at an apartment complex has surfaced.

A man from Barrie, Ontario, Canada uploaded the video to his Facebook page with the following message: “…Videos don’t lie. You will not see this in the media. Pass this around so the truth can be known. It needs to be seen!”

A Canadian man posted the video in December 2014.

A Canadian man posted the video in December 2014.

The Facebook video, just over two minutes in length, shows a young black male punching an older man in the back of the head, and stealing that man’s backpack. It received more than 19.1 million views and has been shared more than 823,000 times since it was posted December 21, 2014.

The video is from YouTube, and was originally posted in September 2012. It is nearly three minutes long. We have embedded the full YouTube video at the top of this story. We must caution you that it is disturbing in nature and contains explicit language.

The Smoking Gun reports the video, entitled “Only n Woodland City,” was shot in the Woodland City Apartments complex in Dallas, Texas. Popular myth cracking website Snopes.com also busted this rumor.

Michael Brown, who would have been 16 at the time this video was shot, never lived in Dallas.

Fox 2 attempted to contact the woman who shot the video, identified as Rolanda Jones, but we have not heard back from her.