Kitten stolen from animal shelter

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - The Open Door Animal Sanctuary says someone stole a kitten.

'It's a classic tabby but had more spots and it had an orange splotch on its head,' says Tracey Quackenbush, Executive Director Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

A marble tabby similar to this basket of kittens was pick pocketed and put in a coat pocket Monday.

The Jefferson County animal sanctuary believes a family made off with the mini mouser.

'They probably put it in their coat or their purse and took it with them,' says Quackenbush.

Open Door says the theft occurred sometime between noon and 2 pm Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately the cat nabber wasn't caught on their camera.

But this isn't the first time someone has stolen a kitty cat.

'Sadly it isn't,' says Quackenbush.  'It happened once before out in another building.  Somebody stuffed a kitten in their purse and took off with it.'

This kitten was to be formally adopted on Saturday.

But now Tracey Quackenbush has to make a phone call she's dreading.

'I'm sorry but somebody stole your kitten,' says Quackenbush.  'There are no words to make that phone call, it's very sad.  And all we want is our kitten back.'

And on the first day of Epiphany, Open Door hopes the cat snatcher opens their eyes and returns the kitten.

Open Door Animal Sanctuary
Phone: (636) 671-3643