Dog owner devastated over shooting of her dog

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Rachel Neckermann is devastated after a frantic search to find her Great Pyrenees Maggie. The 8-year-old dog went missing on Sunday afternoon while Rachel was visiting family at the Keeneland Trails subdivision near North Point Prairie in Wentzville. The dog escaped through a fence.

"I was letting her out we were at my mom`s house had been staying there for the holidays. She was my child I don`t have kids I have a niece and nephew but she was my baby," said Neckermann.

Rachel and others searched the streets and posted pictures shared hundreds of times online. Finally on Monday Neckermann got word that Maggie was found dead and appeared to be shot to death near a chicken coup on a farm less than a mile away.

'People I didn`t know went out of their way to look through the neighborhoods. I was told that kids went out with their parents after school to look for her' she said. It was really hard I can’t imagine why someone would want to shoot her," she said.

FOX 2 contacted St. Charles County Police who say the owner of the farm claims the dog attacked and killed several chickens. There were also reports of a man walking around with a gun. However, Rachel says an attack is out of character for her dog.

'She was extremely friendly loved people dogs loved people loved animals.' she said

At this point St. Charles County Animal Control is still investigating the incident. Meanwhile, Neckermann is waiting to get the remains of Maggie so she can say her final goodbye.

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