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Tongue-tied newborns

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ST. LOUIS - You've heard of tongue-tied, but you may not think of it when thinking about your newborn.

Some of the signs of a tongue-tied baby include:

- 'Heart-shaped' tongue with a dent or divot in the tip of the tongue; especially when crying.
- Inability of baby to latch onto the breast, settling his mouth on the nipple and then pulling off repeatedly
- Latches on but tends to 'slide off' the breast during the feeding; only weakly attached to the breast
- Clicking sounds or sucking in of the cheeks while nursing
- Nipple pain throughout the feeding that doesn’t improve with re-latching; nipple may appear pinched like a tube of lipstick; bruising, scabbing, cracking of nipples.
- Excessive weight loss or failure to gain weight despite nursing adequately.

Pediatrician Kathleen Berchelmann with St. Louis Children's Hospital visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to discuss a procedure to help your little one.