Couple’s plans for dream vacation proving to be a nightmare

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WARRENTON, MO (KTVI) - A trip out of this winter weather doesn't sound so bad. And the vacation plans for a Warrenton couple to head to Hawaii are fading fast.

It appears their island adventure is up in the air. The doting grandparents were looking forward to seeing children and grandchildren living at an air base in Hawaii.

Jacqueline Dorlac says she called the number on a flyer from her husband’s job.

“My husband brought this flyer home and I called. And the man that I talked to said that it was a good package,” she said.

The flyer clearly says Hawaii is a vacation destination in the package. So Jacqueline called, prepared to book a five night stay in Hawaii.

Dorlac charged $502 on her credit card and then started looking over the list of resorts included in the package. She says she had to explain the transaction to her credit card company.

“Bank of America called me because it was an overseas transaction. So they wanted to make sure it was legitimate,” she said. “And I told them everything was ok because at that time I didn’t know that Hawaii wasn’t on the list.”

But Jacqueline soon discovered Hawaii was not a vacation destination for the company. She called customer service.

“She told me that they were expecting to have Hawaii on the list within a couple of weeks. And that was in September,” she said.

The company offering the trip is not clearly identified in any of the documents Jacqueline received.

We Googled the telephone number listed for customer service. It’s assigned to Express Vacations Center. The BBB gives the Florida company an 'F' rating. When we called looking for answers, we were hung up on multiple times.

Jacqueline says she tried to dispute the charge with her credit card company.

“I wanted my money back but they said it was non-refundable. And they have me on recording saying it was non-refundable,” she said. “But I didn’t know that Hawaii wasn’t on the list.'

In the meantime, the couple has until May to take a trip. For them, Hawaii is the only place they want to visit.

“We want to go visit our grandkids as soon as we can. If I can’t get my money back from this I just want people to know, don’t be duped,” she said.

This is the time some of you may be thinking about warmer climates and fun vacations. Do yourself a favor and do your homework before you book. A red flag in this case was the offer for travel from a company that is not clearly identified.