Injured eagle, threatened with euthanasia, moved to World Bird Sanctuary

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VALLEY PARK, MO (KTVI)-A bald eagle, injured in one eye, gets a new lease on life. The majestic bird arrived at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park over the weekend where it will get the help it needs.

"The eye injuries… we don’t see many of them."

Walt Cawford, executive director of the sanctuary, first heard about the injured eagle late last week.

"My weekend off turned into a fiasco; I had emails and phone calls and…you name it I had it."

The reason? The eagle was found near Springfield, Missouri and an inexperienced veterinarian there didn't know what to do about its eye.

"He examined the bird and, unfortunately, made the statement that if it can’t be released they’re going to euthanize it,” said Crawford.

That's when people got in touch with Crawford hoping that the World Bird Sanctuary could do something to save the eagle. Crawford responded. A bird specialist picked up the eagle late last week and treatment began immediately, but more needs to be done.

"The situation we’re dealing with now is totally beyond our control; we need somebody to look at that eye very carefully."

Crawford is not optimistic that the eagle will see again out of both eyes, which means releasing it into the wild is out of the question. But even if the eagle's eye cannot be healed it will continue to live safely in captivity at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Website: World Bird Sanctuary

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