Could ‘spring break’ be broken?

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – The return of cold and snow may have you looking for a warm escape. But the perfect getaway spot may be harder to find this year.

It’s not that there aren’t destinations still available, it’s just going to be much harder to find and it’s probably not going to be easy to get to. There are plenty of outside forces that will likely force you to look harder for that warm weather destination.

This is the time of year many of us look to nail down that spring break trip. The recent blizzard in New England has brought a sharp focus on spring break planning, while at the same time, our weather has turned foul here in the Midwest.

Besides our return to cold and touch of snow, there’s was that big blizzard over this past weekend in Chicago. This, combined with a much improved economy over this same time last year, has proven to be the perfect storm for tough booking, according to David Schuman, president of Damar Travel in Maryland Heights.

‘‘You’ve hit the nail on the head. The economy is much better than it was last year at this time and I think people want to get out and want to travel. And they are looking to go to warm climates,” Schuman said.

If you want to get away someplace warm over spring break, Schuman said you will have to travel further, longer and make more stops along the way. There simply is not much inventory left, so you’ll need to move fast.

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