‘Thanks, Budweiser!’ – Local micro breweries appreciate Super Bowl ad

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI) - There's a formula for fermentation, and Brian Owens knows it well.

‘'We’re kind of like mad scientist around here,'’ says Brian Owens, brew master O’Fallon Brewery. ‘'So there`s a lot of science, a lot of fun, a lot of creative passion.'’

When this craft brewer isn't busy making beer, he's tweeting about it.

‘'I was surprised to hear the words peach and pumpkin used in a multi-million dollar beer commercial,'’ says Owens. ‘‘It was kind of a nod to craft beer. So I think it was a compliment to what we do.’’

During Sunday's big football game between Seattle and New England, Anheuser-Busch boasted of its lager legacy. AB called out craft brewers saying, "Let them sip their pumpkin peach ale," which just happens to be one of O'Fallon's big sellers.

‘'You know, I sent out a tweet that mentioned the pumpkin and the peach, and I think a lot of other craft guys around the country did the same,'’ Owens says.

While the self-proclaimed King of Beers brews some 16 million barrels annually compared to O’Fallon`s 15 barrels, this little brewery is becoming a bigger player on the suds scene. This weekend they'll host a national home brew competition.

‘'Just two dudes from St. Louis and this is our oatmeal stout we made,'’ says Patrick Clark, eyeing a homemade batch of beer.

There is a bump in the road for beer drinkers nationwide all because of rain in Montana and Idaho last fall.

‘'Barley crop this past year was hit pretty hard with floods and pre-sprout germination in the field,'’ says Owens. ‘'So it ends up there’s a bit of a shortage for the quality of the barley and the amount of barley.'’

The forward thinking O'Fallon Brewery already contracted for next year and won't be affected. Their portion of the pint industry will continue unfazed, and that's big news for beer makers, big and small.

‘'I think that’s what’s most beautiful about the St. Louis craft beer industry is that it’s so diverse,’' says Owens.

Whether you're a macro, micro or mini beer maker in the Midwest and beyond.

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