Motorists rush to the car wash to clean off winter grime

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It`s that time of year when cars across the board have one thing in common, winter grime.  On the occasional nice, warmer days, there`s one thing on many to-do lists; hit the car wash!

"Winter season actually is the car business`s busiest time of year.  As you can see, days like this are really good all around.  It`s good for us, it`s good to see our customers out.  Big thanks to them for sticking with us on days like today.  It`s good for the employees as well because the winter can also be pretty slow on the days where it`s snowing but they really appreciate days like this to make up for it." said  Sr. Manager Sean Hoel of Westport Waterway.

So, winter beats summer in the world of car wash business. The winter wash is a specialty all of its own.

"We have a five dollar express package which is just the quick outside wash and dry off and then we also have our winter protection package which is geared towards this time of year because it comes with the bottom blaster and the under body rust inhibitors because that salt can be pretty corrosive." said Sean Hoel.

Just how long does it take to get your car shiny and clean again?

"Our goal is to always get people in and out in under fifteen minutes.  You know during a peak rush hour that can get pushed to twenty or twenty five, maybe thirty.  Anything above that would be abnormal for us."   said Sean Hoel.