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Robbery charges dropped after wife’s investigation reveals video evidence

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A man cleared of a recent robbery, who had once been the subject of national attention, talks to FOX 2 news after the Circuit Attorney dropped the robbery charges against him.

Cornealious Anderson and his wife say they're relieved but also angry that he had to go through the embarrassing arrest in the first place. He criticized police for the mistaken arrest and prosecutor for charging him for a crime he didn't do. Cornealious Anderson and his wife say the whole thing never should have happened in the first place.

"Relief over the exoneration and then finally getting to the bottom of it. But, still more embarrassed and upset about the whole ordeal." said Cornealious Anderson. "To be sitting in jail for over 40 hours and just being humiliated."

"The most difficult thing has been that the police didn't do a full investigation and they brought this pain to our family again." said wife Laqonna Anderson.

Cornealious says it's a case where police  refused to listen to his claims of having an alibi for where he was during the robbery in November outside a fast food restaurant downtown.

He and his family  were able to locate  surveillance video showing that he was at a birthday party with his wife and 40 other people. A surveillance tape shows he was just leaving the party to get his car when the robbery happened more than 5 blocks away.

"My wife did most of the footwork. My wife did most of the investigation. My wife was there the next day getting footage on her phone of where I was. My wife did a lot of the footwork. All the work we did, we handed it over to them." said Cornealious Anderson.

I talked to Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce who made the decision to drop the case against Cornealious after originally charging him with robbery.

"What I tell him is what I have been telling him. I'm very sorry that he had to go through this process. I'm glad that we were able to identify very quickly that he wasn't the person who committed this crime." said Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce.

This was the second huge ordeal for this family. Back in May a judge freed him from prison after the state mistakenly didn't call him to begin serving a 13 year prison sentence until 13 years later. During that time he had an exemplary life with a wife, kids and job. He was putting his life back together when the new trouble hit.

"The hardest part has been the stares the comments that people make. Going and picking up my daughter from school and a lady grabbing her kid pulling here close to her; like I'm going to snatch her kid." said Cornealious Anderson.

One the big problems for him is that  when police run a record check it still comes up that he served 13 years in prison, when he didn't. That's what happened in this case when the arresting officer did a record check.

Anderson has  a pardon request on Governor Nixon's desk. He believes it will solve that problem. He's pushing for the governor to sign it quickly so he can hopefully  avoid problems like this in the future.