Workers begin landscaping new arch grounds in March

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Workers begin the huge job of making the Arch grounds even more beautiful this March. They will start planting some of the new plants and trees. The planting will take many months because 170,000 trees, shrubs and flowers will be planted. A Moscow Mills, Missouri company will be doing much of the work.

Laura Rogers works for Landesign which was awarded the job to plant the plants. Rogers said, This is huge, this is one of the biggest landscape projects to ever come through St. Louis.
Nicholas Krekler also works for Landesign. He said, "This is a project that defines all of our careers one of the largest landscape projects going on in our country."

Landesign has been buying plants for years to prepare for the Arch grounds project. 800 Sycamore trees will replace the Ash trees that are being killed by insects. Rogers said they had to go to New Jersey to find the right trees, "It's a hard thing to find 800 trees that match a lot of growers don't grow that many of one species and have that many in that size that all look great."

They have thousands of different kinds of plants, some tie into the history of this part of the country. Rogers said, "The type of thing that Lewis and Clark would have seen on their journey." Krekler added, "Just the scale of this project is pretty incredible…it's very humbling to be a part of something this large."

They are also creating a special blend of soil that's good for the plants and won't compact under foot traffic from all the tourists or crowds at Fair St. Louis. Landesign folks have lots of experience. The company planted trees and shrubs outside Busch, Ballpark Village, City Garden and in the Zoo.