Report: St. Louis-area woman wanted to marry Charles Manson for his corpse

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Afton Elaine Burton and Charles Manson. Burton now goes by "Star," a pet name Manson gave her. (Source:

Afton Elaine Burton and Charles Manson. Burton now goes by “Star,” a pet name Manson gave her. (Source:

ST. LOUIS – Notorious mass murderer Charles Manson made headlines late last year when he and a St. Louis-area woman applied for a marriage license.

However, the license expired last week, so no wedding bells for the 80-year-old Manson and 27-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, who now goes by “Star.” The couple plans to reapply for a license in the near future.

But the story took the proverbial “unexpected twist” on Sunday, when the New York Post reported that Burton is only interested in marrying Manson for his corpse.

The Post cites journalist Daniel Simone, who claims Burton and a friend planned on taking Manson’s body and set up a Vladimir Lenin-esque display by putting the body inside a glass crypt and charge people admission to see it.

Simone says Burton and Hammond initially wanted Manson to sign papers granting them ownership of his body, but the killer balked at the notion, so the two conceived the idea for Burton to marry Manson. The law in California, where Manson is incarcerated, grants spousal ownership of remains.

Afton Burton’s mother disputes this story.  Melissa Burton says the article in the New York Post is not true. Afton is not marrying Manson for his corpse.  She tells FOX 2 news that, “She is my daughter no matter what is going on in her life. You would love her unconditionally too if she were your child.”

Burton, a native of Bunker Hill, Illinois, moved to California in 2007 to live near the imprisoned Manson.

Manson was convicted of seven murders in 1971 and sentenced to life imprisonment. His next parole hearing is scheduled for 2027.

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