Bowtie Tuesday – Mehlville boy a snappy dresser

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MEHLVILLE, MO – On this edition of Bowtie Tuesday, we send a special shout-out to a brave young man in the Mehlville School District. A.J. Wiederman, a student at Point Elementary School, is a huge fan of Bowtie Tuesday. He has a heart condition and is scheduled for open heart surgery next month.

A.J., your friends at Fox 2 wish you a speedy recovery. If you would like to donate to help fund his recovery click here.

His family writes on their GoFundMe page:

Adam (AJ) was diagnosed with pulmonary Atresia before birth and has since undergone dozens of cardiac cath surgeries and one open heart surgery at five months old. He has done so well up until this past spring when he started having periodic chest pains. After undergoing many tests, they've determined he needs another cardiac cath surgery followed by another open heart surgery to replace his pulmonary valve, place a shunt, and remove thickened muscle from his right ventricle. Adam has thus far been a trooper!!! At 6 now he's just now really starting to learn about his defect. This is something he will live with his whole life, at the very least his valve will need to be replaced every ten years. We have an extremely high deductible as we are  a high deductible insurance plan. We met that deductible in the last month of 2014 alone, then of course the year started over and we'll be meeting that deductible again immediately. Everyone goes through their hard times, we're only putting this out there because we have so many who want to help. We hope you'll read this story and be inspired by Adam!

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