Sunset Hills on verge of hiring lawyer to impeach mayor

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI)- The Sunset Hills Board of Alderman will consider hiring a private attorney at Tuesday’s meeting to assist the city in removing the mayor from office. Mayor Mark Furrer is facing assault and property damage charges. He is accused of intentionally swerving his Mercedes-Benz and hitting cyclist Randy Murdick back in July of 2014. Moments before the incident, the two men exchanged words.

Murdick said he suffered a leg injury during the crash and his $12,000 bike needed more than $750 worth of repairs.

The mayor maintains that the crash was not his fault and said that Murdick was not obeying the traffic laws. A jury trial is set for next December in Clayton. However, several Sunset Hills aldermen want the mayor out of office now.

They will vote Tuesday on whether to hire Schultz and Associates to advise the city through the process.

Hiring the private attorney could cost sunset hills tax payers up to $25,000.