Police issue arrest warrant for Punxsutawney Phil

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NEW HAMPSHIRE (KTVI)– Police in New Hampshire have issued an arrest warrant for Punxsutawney Phil. The warrant comes after the rodent predicted there would be six more weeks of winter.  “We know we are a day early, however we here at Merrimack Police felt compelled to let the public know that there is a warrant for Punxsutawney Phil.”

The Merrimack Police Department made a post on their Facebook page saying they’ve received several complaints from the public that the “little varmint” is held up in a hole, warm and toasty. They claimed  Punxsutawney Phil  told several people that “winter would last six more weeks but failed to disclose that it would consist of mountains of snow.”

A snowstorm hit their area last weekend and they aren’t too excited about the upcoming weather forecast.