Singles purchasing invisible boyfriend or girlfriend to appease family

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- On Valentine’s Day being single isn't always easy.  For some it's not about being alone but having to deal with the pestering family and friends who want to know why you’re not in a relationship.

That's where the websites Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend come in. For $25 a month you can give off the appearance of a relationship without being in a relationship; appeasing those prying friends and family.

"There are some reasons we think our product shouldn't exist but there seems to be this relationship pressure out there that even I find myself kind of judging people on their relationship status and I've learned to hold back," says the company's co-founder Matt Homann.

Unlike the film HER, this is not creating a love interest but only the perception of one, complete with text messages, photos and voicemails.
The reasons for signing up for the service range from trying to fend off an unwanted suitor, to making someone jealous, to trying to appear more desirable.

"We had someone tell us that he was on a date with a real person and when he went to the bathroom he left his phone in a very strategic place. The girl across from him looked at the text and all of the sudden seemed far more interested in him," said Homann.

The company is only 3 weeks old and has already won prizes at a startup event and has been profiled in major magazines, newspapers and on network news shows
Nearly 50,000 accounts have been created, more than half of them from outside the U.S.

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