St. Louis Couple meets on Metro Bus , falls in love and gets married

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ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI - You never know where or when you will meet the person who will change your life or become your significant other. FOX 2 News introduces you a St. Louis couple who met on their daily commute on a Metro Bus.  Their conversations had them driving towards a real love connection.

It's being called a commuter's romance story,  just in time for Valentine's Day.  Everyone has a different love story. Many couples meet the love of their life when they least expect. " I met the love of my life on the Metro Bus the in the  St. Louis City limits , " said Ted Ficklen.

The Ficklen's were strangers when they first met at the Delmar Metro Bus Station in St Louis.  Ted and  Amy Ficklen were  both were attending the University Missouri St. Louis.

After spending 30 minutes each way, together for five days a week,  Amy Ficklen  says she realized she found her life partner . " I found out he liked Faulkner and I bought a Faulkner book. While we were waiting at the bus stop, I had the book. I was like sit next to me and he said is that a Faulkner book? I was like yes," said Amy Ficklen.

Some would call their love fate . Ted is positive he met the woman of his dreams, "If she was not at the bus stop, I was hanging around seeing if she was going to come."

The Ficklens have been married for 29 years and have three adult children.

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