Not backing down: No answer from National Guard or Governor about demands for retraction

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - We still have no answer from Missouri`s Governor or the National Guard about their demands for a retraction from Fox 2.

Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes stands by his reports. Our requests for interviews have gone unanswered.

We received a 4 page e-mail “seeking retraction” on Thursday afternoon. It was 15 minutes Governor Jay Nixon got on a plane to Washington D.C., according to public travel records. The e-mail attacks our Fox Files coverage of the Governor`s handling of the National Guard during the time parts of North County burned.

We watched from SkyFox as firefighters dropped their hoses to the sound of gunfire on the night of November 24th, 2014.

Fox 2 was the first media outlet that night to start asking 'Where`s the National Guard?' We were also the first to ask about the Guard`s specialized quick response force.

On December 4th, 2014 I tracked down Governor Nixon in Rolla and asked him, “Why did rapid response sit and watch businesses burn?”
Gov. Nixon: “Well as I said before, the plan that night was to make sure we had officers out there.”
Hayes followed up, “But they weren`t out there.”

77 days later, a Captain with the National Guard asked for a correction. The e-mail claims Guardsmen were there.

Today Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed said adamantly, “They were not there!”

Sen. Nasheed sits on the Joint Committee on Government Accountability. It’s holding hearings on the Governor`s “state of emergency” response following the Grand Jury decision about Darren Wilson’s deadly shooting of Michael Brown.

Sen. Nasheed said, “The Governor just needs to man up and own up to the fact that was a failed operation. You had three months to prepare.”

I asked the State Sen., “Do you think (the Nat’l Guard or Governor’s office) are going to talk to me about this?
Sen. Nasheed responded, “They should. They should send you an apology because you are accurate and they are inaccurate.”

It`s now day two of me asking the Governor`s Office and National Guard to talk on camera about why they think I should back down. They have not answered. you can check out the reports that sparked the government`s claims here.


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