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Protesters interrupt McCulloch during SLU Law School symposium on Ferguson

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Dramatic moments this morning at the SLU law school downtown where St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch addressed a crowd at the symposium titled, "The Thin Blue Line: Policing Post-Ferguson." McCulloch was interrupted three different times by protesters during his speech.

On the first occasion, people stood up and put McCulloch on a mock trial relating to the Michael Brown case. They were eventually taken away by police.

Then, another group stood up with mike brown signs and sang, “Requiem for Mike Brown.”Police escorted them out as well.

Finally, a third group stood up and chanted 'black lives matter' as they were led out by police.

Some in the audience clapped when police removed the protesters.

McCulloch continued on with his speech making brief reference to the demonstrators.

Roughly 15 to 20 protesters attended the peaceful event. No one was arrested.

McCulloch spoke about elements of the Michael Brown case including the timing of when the grand jury decision was released. McCulloch said they tried to do it in the evening when kids were already home from school. He said he did not recuse himself from the case because he was the elected Prosecuting Attorney and he wanted to fulfill his duties.

Finally, McCulloch told the audience members, which included SLU law students and faculty, that he believes the grand jury process in this case was as open as possible.

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