1st grade teacher to donate kidney to student

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Six-year-old Matthew Parker asked Santa this past Christmas to help him find someone who could give him a new kidney. Amazingly, his wish came true.  Wait until you find out who the donor is.

The Parkers searched the whole country to find Matt a kidney. Little did they know, the perfect donor was in their own backyard. The donor is Lindsey Painter, Matt’s first grade teacher.

“It is completely mind-blowing The coordinator of the hospital called me Christmas Eve to tell me I was a match.” said Matt’s teacher and donor Lindsey Painter.

Several weeks of testing later, doctors confirmed Painter could donate her kidney. A decision she didn’t take lightly.

“I have a ten-year-old and six-year-old at home, little boy And I just can’t imagine having a child who is going through what Matt has gone through.” said Lindsey Painter.

Matt goes to school part-time to accommodate the four-hour long dialysis appointments that keep him alive. Yet, that thousand-watt smile never leaves his face.

“Once he found out that he’s getting a transplant, he’s been so giddy every day He’s been so excited.” said mother Lisa Parker.

A bond that will connect student and teacher for the rest of their lives.

“She was selfless and just a giving person. I think it’s really a miracle.” said mother Lisa Parker.

By: Emily Baucum