Effort again mounted to make Cahokia Mounds a National Historical Park

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KTVI)- Legislation calling for Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site to be designated as a National Historic Park stalled in 2014. But Illinois state Representative Jerry Costello II, (D-Smithton) isn’t giving up. On February 4, he introduced House Joint Resolution 23 which urges the United States Congress to elevate the national status of Cahokia Mounds. If Congress won’t act, it calls upon the President to designate Cahokia Mounds as a National Monument via Executive Order.

Costello says that surveys and interviews with communities and Native American tribes show that the region would benefit from a revitalized and protected historic site with improved educational programs to teach about the Mississippian Culture.

In a statement, Costello said. “I call upon the President and Congress to preserve the great historical and cultural significance of Southwestern Illinois and embrace our nation’s earliest heritage.”

For more information on the plans, call 618-282-7284 or by email at staterepcostello@gmail.com. Information is also available through the Heartland Conservancy.