Fight over St. Louis County sale tax pool intensifies

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) – During Monday night’s Ballwin alderman meeting, officials voted and passed bill #38-71 for attorney John Hessel to act on behalf of the city in a sales tax lawsuit initiated by the City of Chesterfield. Officials in Chesterfield say they`ve been paying heavily into the St. Louis County sales tax pool and want to keep more of their own revenue. Meanwhile, other cities like Ballwin need the money and don`t want Missouri house bill 768 which would allow them to keep revenue to pass so they can keep their piece of the pie.

Right now there are 57 pool cities in St. Louis County. The City of Ballwin is also looking to join forces with Richmond Heights and four other cities to monitor activities in the house. The mayor of Chesterfield is headed to Jefferson City on Tuesday testify before the local government committee. Officials from Ballwin are also expected to attend.