Puppy revived before being rescued from cold weather

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A puppy stopped breathing after being left outside in the cold and snow.  A St. Louis City Animal Control officer comes to the rescue. A 29-year-old man faces two charges. One puppy was so overcome by the cold; ice had to be removed from the animal’s nose before CPR could be administered.

The puppies are about two to three months old. Both lived in a North City neighborhood in the 5200 block of Gilmore. Both were left in cages sitting in the snow with no water or food and no protection from the frigid weather.  Assistant Circuit Attorney Veronica Harwin said, “The puppies were cold they were lethargic, one of them tried to stand up but wasn’t able to.”

The temperature outside was 22 degrees. A citizen called animal control and an officer rescued the dogs.  Stacie Zellin works with the St. Louis City Animal Care and Control, “People are so important in identifying potential cases of abuse or neglect in our community.”

One puppy stopped breathing and the officer brought it back to life. 29-year-old Bruce Borders Jr. has been charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of animal abuse.  Harwin said, “We take every case seriously.” Zellin added, “Not only is bringing your pets in, a dog or cat, the right thing to do it’s the legal thing to do.”

The suspect gave up ownership of the dogs and they have since been adopted. Mayor Francis Slay began an Animal Cruelty Task Force about two years ago.  Different agencies work together to deal with these cases. So far the task force has issued 180 citations, many for animal abuse.