Lawyer to claim self-defense in Las Vegas mom’s killing

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Las Vegas, NV (KVVU) — The 19-year-old suspected of shooting and killing a Las Vegas woman will claim self-defense in the case, according to the teen’s lawyer.

The attorney for Erich Nowsch, Conrad Claus, said his defendant’s legal team will question the version of events given by both Las Vegas Metro police and the victim’s family.

Claus claims Tammy Meyers’ son, Brandon, pointed a gun at Nowsch before anyone started shooting. Claus continues Nowsch received death threats prior to the altercation, though, it was not known the specific of that claim.

CNN reported on Tuesday that Nowsch was interviewed while high on marijuana and that police actually agreed to let him smoke during the standoff and arrest to gather information from him.

Despite Claus’ claims, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson asserted Monday his team has enough evidence to charge Nowsch with Meyers’ slaying. Wolfson did not rule out the possibility of the death penalty.

Nowsch made his initial appearance in court Monday after his arrest last week.

Nowsch was taken into custody on Thursday at his home in the area of Alta Drive and Cimarron Road. Police connected the teen to the Feb. 12 shooting death of 44-year-old Tammy Meyers, who was wounded in the driveway of her home.

A preliminary hearing for Nowsch was scheduled March 10. Prosecutors requested a later preliminary hearing date because Metro is still investigating the incident; they are still searching for a second suspect whom they say drove Nowsch during the night of Meyer’s death.

Nowsch was booked into Clark County Detention Center on counts of murder with a deadly weapon, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of discharging a firearm at a vehicle.

Police stated in an arrest report the teen felt he was being followed when he had seen a green vehicle driving around the parking lot of Walter Johnson Junior High School late night on Feb. 12.

Police said the green vehicle was being used for a driving lesson for Meyers’ 15-year-old daughter.

Citing friends of the suspect, police stated Nowsch had a friend drive him and follow the green vehicle that had Meyers behind the wheel. Police said at some point Nowsch stopped the vehicle in front of Meyers, got out and fired a handgun at Meyers’ vehicle. Nowsch sped off.

Police said Meyers then dropped off her daughter at home and pressed her 22-year-old son to come along and find the vehicle involved in the incident. Meyers told her son to bring his handgun, police said.

Meyers and her son were able to locate the vehicle just nearby. The pair then returned to their home, where a vehicle followed them. Police said shots were fired at the Meyers residence, where the 44-year-old mother was shot in the head.

Meyers was transported to University Medical Center, where she died on Feb. 14.

Police said Nowsch later fled to a friend’s apartment, where he showed off a handgun and boasted about the shooting.

After Nowsch’s arrest, Tammy Meyers’ husband, Robert Meyers, told the media the family knew the teen and actually helped the man in the past. Meyers Monday told FOX5 he will attend every one of Nowsch’s court hearings.

By Matt Guillermo

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