Surveillance video catches thief tearing up neighborhood with stolen bulldozer

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Kansas City, MO (KCTV) — A man stole a piece of construction equipment and took it for a ride through a Kansas City neighborhood. He caused a lot of damage and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. The video is short, but long enough to show the disastrous results.

Kansas City police said the suspect took the large front end loader from an unknown location just before 5 a.m. Tuesday.

The operator hit a fence, a parked car and a home near East 13th Street and Askew Avenue. The man destroyed a fence owned by Andy Heinz. “Psychos on a front end loader are not something you can combat on a daily basis,” Heinz said. The man did a lot of damage during his joyride. He tore down more than 200 feet of fence that is now being sold for scrap metal.

It’ll cost Heinz about $30,000 to fix the fence, but it wasn’t the only thing destroyed by the front end loader. “For the area that I’m in it’s crazier than it should be,” Raul Lupercio said. The man drove up the street to East 12th Street and Askew Avenue. He hit a parked car and tore up Lupercio’s backyard. “I went to my window to look out, saw some headlights going into my back window going towards the back of my house,” Lupercio said.

The front end loader is owned by Britz Wrecking of Platte County. The company says the loader was in the area to do work on a construction site. Though it totaled Heinz’s fence, he’s taking it all in stride.

“There’s no reason to get angry. There wasn’t anybody here. There’s no one to get angry at, so it’s useless to get worked up on a situation that you, number one you don’t know the facts to and number two, there’s isn’t anybody to direct it at,” he said.

“I’m waiting for everyone to get everything straightened out so I can file charges on everyone who is involved,” Lupercio said.

Police continue to look for the man responsible for the theft and resulting damage.

By Brix Fowler, Chris Oberholtz and Laura McCallister

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