Is this 280-pound catfish real? Fisherman provides proof

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It’s a catch and release worth talking about.

An Italian fisherman may have broken a record for a catfish he claimed to reeled in. Dino Ferrari has been fishing for 20 years. He’s caught hundreds of catfish before. Big European catfish. But at 280 pounds, this latest one was the cat’s pajamas. Dino says the 40 minute struggle to land the fish on Italy’s Po River left this lure slightly damaged. “This was an incredible moment and we embraced ourselves because we were so happy.”

Unlike Tony Soprano, we were unable to get the fish’s side of the story.

Dino says he’s fishing for sport and sports fishermen. Don’t kill their catch. They let it go. Dino says he had the whopping catfish in his possession for only half an hour.

French researchers documented the catfish actually beaching themselves to pounce on pigeons at the water’s edge. They had a 28% success rate. Just imagine the catfish telling the story about the one that got away.

Jeanne Moos

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