Alton man’s “incredible” snow sculptures stop traffic

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ALTON, IL (KTVI)-- Many of us may be turning green with anger over the snow and looking for ways to fight off the cold.

But in Alton, they are celebrating it with one of our favorite avengers the Hulk.

Amazing is a perfect word to describe a snow sculpture in Alton.

One mother decided to take her son to check it out after seeing a picture on Facebook.

“This artwork is amazing. I mean he does the mouth, the face, everything. It`s just amazing and I thought that he should be recognized for his work,” said mother Kristy McNich.

The person behind the magic is a very modest man that just does it for the kids.

“What I did it for original was the kids on the school bus would come by. There`s a lot of school buses that come by and they just wave. And that`s what it`s about,” artist Luke Harris stated.

Harris is a wood carver who decided to take his passion to the snow.

“I started carving bears and the people made a big deal out of it. So I said each year, 4 or 5 years I`ve been doing this. I`ve made Eskimos and gorillas,” he stated.

It takes him just about a day to make.

“'I have a way to get in the neighbors driveways and I gather the snow and bring it over and put it in a big pile and pack it,” said Harris. “Then I take a shovel and block it in real good and remove the waste. Then I use a cement trowel and you can do all the detail work with that.”

Harris picked the Hulk because he`s popular with kids and adults.

“I think everybody turns in to the Hulk once and awhile don`t they? Yea you bust a finger or something with a hammer or something, you`re the Hulk for about 2 or 3 seconds,” Harris laughed.

And we all can't wait to see what his next great creation will be.




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