Letter by former Blues player’s daughter requesting trade comes true

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ST. PAUL, MN – A girl asked for a change in her father’s career…and she got it. Jordyn Leopold’s dad is NHL defenseman Jordan Leopold. Back in January, the eleven-year-old wrote a letter to the Minnesota Wild coaching staff asking for them to trade for her dad because she missed him and said he was lonely in Ohio without his family.

The child got her wish.  The Columbus Blue Jackets traded Leopold to the Wild Monday, bringing him back to Minnesota.

Jordan Leopold said, “I anticipate there will be quite a lot of friends and family in the crowd. I heard from a lot of people yesterday. I turned my phone off for about 10 minutes and later I know I have about 150 texts. Anyone who knows me and has my number has contacted me. It’s been great, even with the thing with my daughter, writing a letter. It’s been a pretty humbling experience. That letter was wrote by my daughter back in January. And it was… with anybody who has kids… you guys know they take things upon themselves sometimes. She was writing a little bit persuasively at school and thought it was a good idea to write a persuasive letter. So that was something our family shared. My wife ended up putting on Facebook. And friends and family saw it and some other wives through the years can relate to it. Definite has some sentiment at the time. I actually told my wife that she should maybe take that off before deadline. But it ended up staying on and it ended up going out there. A local friend that’s on the radio ended up getting it from my wife and kind of made it public. Just before the deadline. It is what it is.”

The Wild got Leopold from the Columbus Blue Jackets by trading defenseman Justin Falk and a fifth-round pick in the 2015 NHL draft.

Leopold has bounced around the NHL in his 13-year career, but he grew up in Minnesota.


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