Politicians, religious leaders and citizens call for action against Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - Elected officials, religious leaders and citizens are calling on the Department of Justice to take action against the city of Ferguson.  The group met outside the Ferguson Police Department Sunday afternoon.

“We have not stopped fighting for justice,” said Rev. Darlene Smith, President of the AME Alliance.

State Rep. Courtney Curtis, (D) Berkeley said he will introduce legislation to expunge the records of anyone pulled over with no probable cause.  He also plans on introducing legislation prohibiting attorneys from serving in multiple municipal court capacities.

“Right here in this very region we have individuals that serve as judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys.  No wonder they didn’t see a problem,” said Rep. Curtis.

The DOJ report found systemic racial discrimination by the Ferguson Police department.  The report also criticized the city for using its court system as an ATM.

St. Louis County Councilwoman Hazel Erby, (D) 1st District, wants Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to know she supports whatever changes they deem necessary.

“Let Ferguson be the example of what’s not acceptable in America,” said Erby.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles has said the city is looking into the DOJ report.  He said the city is in the process of determining if changes in the forms of staffing, policy or procedures are needed.

“Hopefully at the end we’ll emerge one of the most professional police departments in the area,” said Knowles during a Friday interview with FOX 2’s Chris Hayes.   “When this is all done, the city of Ferguson is the only police department in St. Louis that has had anybody look into them like this.”  ​

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