L’Ecole kids take over the kitchen

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Let the kids cook with children's classes from L'Ecole Culinaire. Little chefs Kelsie and Sara showed Kim how to make cinnamon rolls. Chef Colin Shive said young kids can safely learn the fundamentals of making their favorite treats. He said chefs handle the big machines, stoves and ovens while kids learn how to have fun and increase their math, reading, science and math skills.

March 28 Cupcakes
April 25 Cookies
May 30 Muffins
June 27 Cinnamon Rolls

L'Ecole Culinaire
9811 S 40 Dr.
Ladue, MO 63124

Register at www.LEcole.edu
(314) 587-2433