Former Judge tied to business that owes decade old Court Judgment

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A business associated with former Judge Ron Brockmeyer owes hundreds in a court judgment that`s been seemingly ignored for a decade.  That`s according to a woman who used to report for a newspaper tied to Brockmeyer.  Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes tried asking about the apparent double standard.

The law office for Ron Brockmeyer is on 5th Street in St. Charles. It's also where he`s listed as registered agent for a newspaper.  Being a registered agent, doesn't by itself connect someone to a business, but we found additional details when looking into a court judgment against the newspaper, reportedly unpaid since 2004.

Missouri Secretary of State records list Ron Brockmeyer as registered agent for First Capitol News.  It lists his brother as one of the organizers.  First Capitol News is an online news source that says 'MAKING A DIFFERENCE - One week at a time!'
One of the biggest recent ads is for the Law Offices of Ronald J. Brockmeyer.

Robin Fogarty Bowman took First Capitol News to Court, claiming she was never paid for work.  Court records say 'judgment entered,' $303 in July of 2004.  Bowman said it quickly became clear she wasn`t going to get her money.

She said, 'It got to a point in time, it wasn`t worth my time and effort and aggravation more than anything.'

She forgot about it.  Then recently after several news reports seeing Ron Brockmeyer accused of using the Courts as a money making machine, something clicked.

She said, 'This is a guy who`s imposing fines, which if they`re justified fines that`s ok. If you break a law you might need to have a fine, but the extra fines, the warrants and when you have things that you`re not paying. So you`re basically saying do as I say not as I do.'

Bowman says her boss at the paper was Brockmeyer`s brother Tony, who was also the one who answered in small claims court.

I went to the Brockmeyer law office to get answers. I man who wouldn`t identify himself said, 'I have no idea about that. All I can tell you is I`m asking you to leave the property.'
Reporter Hayes followed up, 'But this is also the address for First Capitol News and the judgment is against First Capitol News.'
Hayes: 'Is it not the address for First Capitol News?'
(Man from law office) 'No it`s not.'
(Hayes) 'Where`s the address for First Capitol News?'
(Unidentified man) 'I`m going to call the police right now.'
(Hayes) 'Do you want to see the judgment?'
(Unidentified man) 'I don`t care about the judgment.'
(Man) 'You don`t care about the judgment?'
(Unidentified man) 'I have nothing to do with the judgment. I`m asking you to leave the property.'

We showed the video to Robin Fogarty Bowman who gasped and said, 'You were the one in Court!'

She said it as if she was saying it to the man on the screen.  He never gave us his name, but Robin recognized him immediately.
She said, 'I worked for him. He hired me.'
Reporter Hayes asked, 'That was who?'
Robin answered, 'That`s Tony Brockmeyer, which is the brother of Ronald Brockmeyer.'

An attorney at the law officer later called me after my confrontation.  He said we need to be clear, Ron Brockmeyer is just the registered agent for the paper and has nothing to do with it beyond that.  I told him how it appears Tony Brockmeyer came out to kick us off the property.  The attorney told me he wasn`t sure who that was.  He added that the judgment may no longer be valid because it`s so old.  We`ll follow up on this soon.

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