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High school murder plot foiled

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TUCSON, AZ – Five Arizona high school students are accused of plotting to kill a classmate.

They all face adult felony charges.

Some are as young as 15-years-old.

Now, authorities are praising a mystery student for alerting someone at the school of the alleged plot.

Keaton Thomas reports.

(David Baker) “The message, though, is that a student trusted another adult, and that adult acted and contacted Tucson Police Department.”

(Sgt. Pete Dugan/Tucson, AZ Police) “Fortunately, we had one that stepped up and did the right thing and said that they knew about something that was happening.”

Police say that it was these five students– plotting to kill a fellow student for about a week now. Several students we spoke with this afternoon said the target was an ex-boyfriend of someone within this group of five…. Tucson police say the plot was well coordinated including several meetings before or after school and this possible murder plot got so far– one of those arrested even brought a knife to campus.

(Angel Martinez/Student) “I think it’s crazy because there’s so much more for them to happen, so they ruined it … it’s on their record already.”

Angel Martinez is a student at flowing wells high school… And he brings up a good point… At least four of these students now still in jail being held on bond. Other students like Nanette Mendez are wondering what would have happened… If this mystery student never stepped up to let the school staff know.

(Nanette Mendez/Student) “If he didn’t get caught, next think you know we come to school and somebody’s dead.”