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Reporter stung while covering bee story

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PHOENIX, AZ - Bees attack in one phoenix neighborhood and not even reporters are safe.

A phoenix firefighter comes to the rescue when a reporter comes under attack by a bee.

Check it out.

KNXV reporter Lauren Vargas was here to report on bees swarming in this neighborhood.

One bee got caught in her hair and stung her scalp.

She says it hurt for a bit, but she's okay.

Firefighters were initially called to the scene when a neighbor called for help after being stung several times.

(Capt. Seth Jenners, Phoenix Fire Dept.): "They'll come after us. No question. But, yeah, children, adults, everyone, you know, animals, we're there to help them out because they are dangerous."

Exterminators also came out to deal with the bees.

Turns out, the pests had made a home on the windowsill of a house.

Exterminators sprayed foam on their hive.

They say the removal will likely cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars.

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